Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes in Films, TV Shows and Theatre


Honeyrose Smokes are the leading brand of Herbal Cigarettes used in movies, TV Shows and Theatre production sets around the world. Everyday more performers choose Honeyrose for its superior quality.  Actors use our Tobacco and Nicotine FREE Herbal cigarettes as an alternative to real cigarettes. In some movies, actors are not allowed or do not want to smoke real cigarettes. Especially nonsmoker actors, who have to repeat the same scene over and over, don’t want the harm of real cigarettes and can’t smoke real cigarettes, therefore they are smoking Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes. Honeyrose "White Line" of Herbal Cigarettes are exclusively made for the filming industry. They have no logos or bands. The # 1 choice of props masters, actors and actresses.

Honeyrose "WHITE" is our all white herbal cigarette. It is completely white, with white filter, without an identifying logo or band. A strong favorite for period specific productions set in early 20th century. Sticks are 84mm long.

Honeyrose "WHITE M" is all white herbal cigarette stick with menthol flavour. White tipping paper,filter and without an identifying logo or band. Honeyrose White Menthol is designed specially for film and theatre industry.

It smokes light and smooth, yet creates plenty of smoke for visual effect. It is tobacco and nicotine free. Sticks are 84mm long. Each pack contains 20 sticks.

Honeyrose "WHITE CORK" is a traditional cigarette with a brown filter tip. It has no identifying logo or band. A universal cigarette that can be used in all kinds of productions. Sticks are in 84mm long.

Honeyrose "Filterless"  is created in response to demand from film industry. Plain 84mm white cigarette stick with no filter, no logo, no band. Also, available in 73mm and 64mm sizes.

All of them smoke light and smooth,  yet creates plenty of smoke for visual effect.


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